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Exclusive VIP tour from Munich to the Wieskirche after Neuschwanstein - Plansee (Austria) - castle Linderhof- cloister of Ettal and again back to Munich!

We drive you from Munich to the Wieskirche of the splendid equipped pilgrimage church, the 1983 UNESCO-world hereditary site is a castle Neuschwanstein over the idyllic Plansee (Austria) to the castle  Linderhof- to the cloister of Ettal and back to Munich.

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VIP shuttle of Munich airport after Neuschwanstein and Castle Hohenschwangau.

In this tour tickets and leadership for the fairy tale castle Neuschwanstein are an inclusive: no waiting period and standing in a queue in the ticket counter!

VIP shuttle of Munich - West Memmingen (FMM) airport after Neuschwanstein and Castle Hohenschwangau.

In this tour tickets and leadership for the fairy tale castle Neuschwanstein are an inclusive: no waiting period and standing in a queue in the ticket counter.... HERE MORE INFO

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Panorama and photo tour Neuschwanstein to Füssen and surroundings. Panorama and photo tour from the castle Neuschwanstein to the places - Buching - Peter's chapel - Panoramastadl - Ussenburg - Hopfensee - Speiden - Zell - Weissensee - Allatsee - Förggensee - to Füssen

We drive with the Neuschwanstein castle tour to the very best places with marvellous panorama and dreamlike sceneries.

They are driven to the nicest places to excellent perspectives you can take a photo of the royal castles, of idyllic lakes and sceneries and on wonderful stretches they see miraculous nature and interesting Allgäuer steeped in tradition to places and marvellous views of the Alps.... HERE MORE INFO

Information and stories to the royal castles


Castle  Neuschwanstein - on the 5th of September, 1869 the foundation-stone was laid for the castle New swan's stone with feet. Ludwig II hoped for a quick production. However, for it the conditions were too difficult. First the gate construction (1873) finished. The fairy tale king lived there several years. In 1880 then only one could celebrate topping-out ceremony to cover the first rooms 1884. First of all the gate construction in which the fairy tale king lived for years was finished in 1873. Only in 1880 the topping-out ceremony took place, in 1884 the first rooms could be covered. Castle New swan's stone became the shelter of the fairy tale king and his last place of residence. One brought him to the Starnberger (sea) to the castle Mountain where he died in mysterious manner.

New swan's stone is the most famous one of the castles of Ludwig II. Yearly about 1.5 million tourists visit the new swan's stone often called "fairy tale castle". Nearly all year round it is opened for visitors.


Schloss Linderhof-Castle Gentle court - in 1864 was crowned Ludwig II to the king. First he began in 1867/68 with the creation of his rooms in the Munich residence and the laying of the foundation stone of castle new swan's stone. In 1868 Ludwig II developed the first plans for castle Gentle court. But neither the planning of Versailles of felt castle nor to the establishment of a big Byzantine palace came to the conversion.

In 1869 Ludwig II allowed to alter the forester's small house which he already used as a crown prince with hunting excursions with its father for his  purposes(In several construction phases like the enlargement(with wooden cultivations mor, in the end , this move of the king's small house to its today'smodern place about 200 metres away, castle Gentle court was finished about in 1876. Gentle court is the only bigger castle construction which king Ludwig II experienced perfectly.


Schloss Hohenschwangau - Castle High swan's region - The today's modern castle  High swan's region was mentioned in the 12th century as a castle swan's stone for the first time. The knights of swan's region were till the 16th century in the possession of the castle. In the connection the owners changed more often and during the wars of this time it became severely damaged several times. The Bavarian crown prince Maximilian - late king Maximilian II – hit on the ruin and let this do alterations from 1833 to 1837 to a castle in the neo-Gothic style. The rooms are formed with paintings from the medieval legend world.

Maximilian II uses the castle  High swan's region above all as a summer residence around in the mountains to walk. His children Ludwig II and his younger brother Otto spent the large part of her  childhood in the castle  with feet. Since 1928 castle High swan's region is in the possession of the Wittelsbacher balance fund.


Dream and technology - Ludwig II withdrew with pleasure into dream worlds. Under high financial expenditure he moved these dreams in castles and castles. The royal castles which he allowed to establish were then of no avail and a big(great) load. Today, however, for example, new swan's stone and gentle court are important tourist centres of attraction. They were already released 7 weeks after his death of the public. In spite of all dreams and romantic is Ludwig II in the area of the support of modern technologies did himself out. The worldwide first power station with a dynamo stood in castle Gentle court.

In Ludwig's castles steel construction and electricity were already used. Also central heating, phone, electric call arrangements for the servants as well as lifts were used in his constructions. Still today one can admire this in the castles Gentle court and New swan's stone.


Wieskirche - One of the most famous rococo churches of the world - the Wieskirche. In 1738 a farmer saw tears in the eyes of suffering Jesus. This miracle was the beginning for the pilgrimage to the today's(modern) Wieskirche with Steingaden. From 1745 Dominikus Zimmermann has created for it a magnificent church which rococo points in topmost completion. The Wieskirche loads one to the amazement and looking and admiring. But also to the beet and quiet stop. It is also a regular venue of church-musical concerts.

In 1983 it was explained the Wieskirche to the world cultural heritage UNSECO and was restored from 1985 to 1991 for more than 10 million German marks. Today visit yearly more than one million people the church. Year after year about 1 million visitors to marvel at come around the Wieskirche.


Plansee-The plan lake - is with just 3 km ² surface the second largest natural lake of Tyrol and lies in the district of Reutte, Austria within the Ammergauer Alps. The lake is about 6 km long and up to 76 metres deep. The plan sea and also the Heiterwanger sea are probably remains of a glacial melt water reservoir. For the first time it is mentioned in 1073 of the Planse, other early  name forms are Please, Plense and Plase.

Today the plan lake is known by an excellent water quality and takes pleasure to great popularity - jogger, travellers, cyclists, walking walkers and other sportsmen divide his shore. By hisits situation in the Lechtaler Alps and the Wettersteingebirges the plan lake is a perfect start for mountain hikes. Also divers come at your expense. By the excellent water quality a sight  from up to 15 metres is possible. Since 1927 liners on the lake also operate.

Neuschwanstein castle tour to the castles of the king Ludwig II.

Here the king's dreams were. Schloss Neuschwanstein and the castle Hohenschwangau and Castle Linderhof  are home of the fairy King. Ludwig II spent  hischildhood and fled later before the hard reality of the state business in the loneliness of the mountain world. Experience with the castles of Neuschwanstein castles around us. We take them to the castles and pick them up again.

Experience a fantastic day!